Monday, 1 September 2014

Laugh a little

One of the things i think is so important in everyday life is to laugh at your self and not take things too seriously, this is something me and my friends know how to do very well and i honestly think it makes such a difference to your self confidence to be able to have a giggle at your self and have a good time without caring what people think. Me and my good friend Carey recently went to Durham (a historical city near our homes) and looking through all the photos inspired me to write this post. 

We had such a good day and went to a museum where we dressed up in the Roman outfits ! (Childish but funny) and yes there were people in the same room. 

It was so funny that i was literally crying with laughter ! I think we should all set our self aims to have a good giggle each day and not care what people around us think ! 

Careys blog-

Love Parma Violets 

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Roaccutane Diary 1

Hey guys, as you may know i was recommended to start an Acne treatment called Roaccutane and just over a week ago i finally did. Before your allowed to take Roaccutane you have to look at all of the possible side effects which include a 99.9% of getting dry lips skin and nose and the risk of your eyes getting dry, there is also a small risk of depression if you are prone to it. I have been on the tablets now for over a week taking 30mg and i have already started to feel my skin getting dryer as well as my lips.My eyes and skin have been quite itchy and my lips and scalp have been incredibly dry however my skin hasn't got any worse as yet the dermatologist said it might and i honestly feel like its getting better already which is probably just my mind playing tricks on me ! Im going to be keeping a diary of my time on Roaccutane and hopefully it may be helpful for some of you out there that may be struggling to decide whether to take this medication ! 
Love Parma Violets xxx

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Make up storage

I have never been very good at keeping all my make up neat and tidy, quite often my most used make up would form a little pile on my bathroom floor rather than being in my makeup bags. I recently discovered that i cant fit all my make up into the 5 makeup bags i have so after a bit of a clear out i decided it was time for change, i hunted out my Birchbox empty boxes and started to sort my make up into four key sections: face bases, lip products, powders(bronzer etc) and eye makeup. Sadly i only have 3 Birchbox boxes so i put all my eye makeup in a wicker basket.

 After putting each of my sections of most used makeup in the boxes i placed them on my little bathroom cabinet thing ( i don't really know what it is ) and to my surprise it looked so neat and tidy ! All my other makeup that i don't use on a daily basis is under my bed in my make up bags. Xxx

Friday, 4 July 2014

Sudocrem facials ?!?!

Sudocrem facials ? Say what ?!? 
Yes the idea of slapping Sudocrem on your face and leaving it there seems sickening but bare with me and it may be your new favourite routine. 
Cheryl Cole uses it, so does Kimberly Walsh and the cast from The only way is Essex even the winner of Britain and Ireland's next top model uses it and many supermodels so if that hasn't persuaded you yet i don't know what will ! 
The Sudocrem antiseptic healing cream works wonders on hydrating skin, helping eczema and acne as well as a whole heap of other skin issues. After reading an article where a model said she couldn't live out this drug store product i had to go and buy one. You can either do a sudomasque or apply it to individual problem areas. Personally applying like a masque is better for me so after i take of my makeup in the evening i apply a thin layer of the wonder cream all over my face. I let it sink it to my skin for several hours before going to bed and i just sleep with it still on. Surprisingly it doesn't transfer too much on bed clothes which is an added bonus. The last time i did this routine i woke up with massively improved skin, so much i didn't believe it ! I do this every night now as i love it sooo much, if i have any bad reactions then i will stop this little routine however I'm in love. After trying countless beauty products to help my skin this is the only real one apart from Johnsons baby range that i saw an improvement from first use ! I honesty cant tell you how much i love Sudocrem, it may sound dramatic but it has changed my life (well more my skin) My face is so much smoother and its a routine i love to do. 
Do your self a favour and go and pick up a pot of the little magic. xx

Monday, 16 June 2014

My Favourite everyday lip products

My top favourite everyday lip products. 

1. A good lip balm is essential for me so its a very good place to start. After trying and testing many lip balms over the years i have finally found my favourite and its the summer fruits sphere from Eos, it smells so good and makes my lips feel silky smooth.

2. Syrup from Mac was my first ever Mac lipstick and its my trusty old faithful. I love the colour which is a pinky browny nude, that description sounds horrible but it basically looks like Kylie Jenner's signature lip, i wear this one the most as it is so versatile. 

3. Another of my favourite lipsticks is again from Mac and is Fanfair. Its a gorgeous pinky coral colour which is lovely and subtle but not a nude. The only problem with this is that its a creamsheen and i have to admit i don't like the texture so i wear a lip balm underneath. 

4. My last fave everyday lip product is Lustering and again from Mac. Its a really powerful pink which looks great on pale skin. Although i don't wear it as much as the other two its a good colour to wear for a night out or a meal. 

From the top: Lustering, Fanfair and Syrup 

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Skin update and baby products...

Johnson's baby products on a 16 year old ? Yes you heard me,my current skincare is baby products ! 
My skin recently had a horrendous flare up, it has been so bad that sometimes i just haven't even wanted to leave the house. Its the worst my skin has ever been and has really made me frustrated with my self that a couple of months ago i was unhappy with my skin when i only had a few pimples. I have very recently been to see a private dermatologists to get an expert opinion as i have literally tried every acne medication out there, he recommended a form of roaccutane called isotretinion which is a very strong medication. I have to go through some blood tests and things before i am allowed to take it however i will keep you posted as i know its a drug with a lot of stigma surrounding it. Anyway on with the baby products, because of this flare up my mam and I thought it would be a good idea to go back to basics and use some products without any nasties in them and the best option for this seemed to be Johnsons baby products. If there good enough for babies there good enough for me. The first product i have been using is the softwash which is fabulous, it smells so fresh and its a beautiful pink colour. I love using this and it has calmed my skin down. The second product i bought may surprise you, its the soothing naturals intense moisture cream, my skin has been so dry and would often crack during the day because it was so tight. This product has worked wonders for me, it smells delicious and has really calmed my skin down reducing the redness and irritation, i would recommend this to anyone who has very dry and sensitive skin as it soothes from first application. 

I hope this helps anyone who may be suffering from similar skin problems to me and i will keep you updated on my possible new medication. 
Love Parmer Violets xxxx

P.s the photos enclosed are from websites selling the products, unfortunately i was unable to take my own for this post. 

Monday, 26 May 2014

Pale skinned girl

Being a pale skinned girl can be tough in a world where people strive for sun kissed bronzed skin and i know too well about the struggle. 
All my life i have been a typical English Rose, and finding foundation has been hard, finding a pink undertone in the right type of foundation is almost impossible ! Over the years i have made countless attempts to look even just a little bit bronze, using almost every tanning product thats out there. After a disastrous spray tan that ended up looking a mud colour i am finally starting to embrace the pale skin I'm in !  Here are a couple of photos to make you laugh. Xxx
Yes that is really me with and without a spray tan, no filters used !